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Free! The first in a series of EC publications aimed at helping the people of Earth get better acquainted with the Greater Human Community. Ambassador Tlatnet-Tholfth begins with an extra-terrestrial perspective on this planet and its inhabitants. Earth is Upside Down gives answers to thirteen things you never suspected were questions. Click here to visit the book’s Smashwords page.
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The new science-fiction novelette (and the first in eBook form) by Ambassador Tlatnet-Tholfth’s publisher J. Timothy Bagwell, author of Tangible Light (Analog: Science Fiction and Fact) and The Oneiric Telefactor (Leading Edge). Gently Down the Stream is Bagwell’s second foray into the speculative science of oneiric telefactory, the remote use of artificial bodies while in a lucid dream state. As an industrial psychologist struggles to fight widespread addiction to a drug that induces scriptable, time-dilated dreams, his military counterpart uses incarcerated addicts as guinea pigs in an attempt to create an army of super soldiers. $1.99 Click here to review or order.


Raised on Earth in ignorance of the vast interstellar community to which he belongs, Prashan learns that his wealthy father has left him only one thing: a one-way ticket to a world called Polity. There Prashan discovers the fate that awaits his childhood home. But has his father sent him there to find a way to save it? Tangible Light first appeared in print in Analog: Science Fiction and Fact.  FREE during the month of August. Click here to review or order.



Day Therland works as an oneiric telefactor on Venus, where it rains acid and snows metal, where the atmospheric pressure is over 90 times that of Earth, and the mean surface temperature is well over 800 °F. Good thing his body is on Earth. Except that it’s not. It’s on Venus, and Day has only hours to find out where it is and why it has been brought there. Originally published in Leading Edge 56. $1.99 Click here to review or order.



Metal Snow collects three science-fiction novelettes: Tangible Light (first published in print form in Analog: Science Fiction and Fact), The Oneiric Telefactor (first published in print form in Leading Edge), and Gently Down the Stream (new and never before published). In a different way each story considers what makes us human by showing someone crossing the traditional boundaries of humanity. $3.99 Click here to review or order.


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Still More About Me

I said that how I arrived on Earth matters. Let me explain what I mean. But first, let me tell you how people get assignments like this one.

If your planet or planet system–your polity, however constituted–is a member of the CHW, the the CDC assigns a career diplomat to the post. If your polity does not belong to the CHW, as is the case with Earth, then three things can happen. You can have no CDC representative. You can have one, like me, from a volunteer organization dedicated to difficult cases like yours. Or you can have some mercenary son of a bitch interested only in collecting a fee for keeping an eye on you and working the same deal on as many backwater buttholes of the universe as possible. Not to put too fine a point on it.

In the case of option three, your hero will be likely to have arrived on your world via QT, Quantum Teleportation. Quantum Entanglement Teleportation to be exact. I’m going to avoid the temptation to explain what that means. You’re just starting to get the hang of it here on Earth. Check these out:


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