More About Me

I said two things about me matter a lot. The first is how I got here. The second is much easier to talk about, but its ramifications are so many and complex, that I hesitate to bring it up.

Oh, well. Baby steps, right? Let’s start with just a few simple facts without a whole lot of explanation.

Fact: I was not born on Earth.
Fact: I came here in a spacecraft.
Fact: I am intelligent (reasonably so, in any case).
Fact: By Earth standards an intelligent extraterrestrial is an “alien.”

Therefore, I am an alien.

But what is an alien? In Earth lore, aliens can be pretty much anything except for human. Aliens are interesting for this very reason. Freud would have recognized this as a kind of Ambivalenz. Wow, a walking, talking lizard! Wow, a person with a head the size of a beach ball! Wow, a second set of jaws that slides out like a silverware drawer! Ouch!!

So don’t you wonder what I look like? Aren’t you curious?

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