Greetings, Earth Creatures!

galaxy eyes1Greetings, Earth Creatures! I come in peace! Resistance is futile!

Ha, ha, ha! I’ve always wanted to say that! As someone once remarked to Schubert, “Take me to your Lieder!” Ha, ha, ha!

No, but seriously. Hello! My name is Thwendlulla Tlatnet-tholfth IX. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? (If you want, you can learn how to pronounce it here.) I am pleased to extend to you official greetings on behalf of the Greater Human Community. That would be, in case you don’t know (and of course you don’t), all of the people living in this region of the galaxy. You can learn more about the GHC here.

I bid you welcome to the Earth Consulate (Virtual) of the Consortium of Human Worlds. I am the Consortium’s official representative on Earth, and I represent Earth to the Consortium. You’re welcome! I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. Please take a leisurely stroll about the place and come back often. Things will be constantly changing around here, and each time you visit there may be something new for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to stop by the library.

And please, call me Thwen. For both our sakes.

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