Still More About Me

I said that how I arrived on Earth matters. Let me explain what I mean. But first, let me tell you how people get assignments like this one. If your planet or planet system–your polity, however constituted–is a member of … Continue reading

About Me

Not that it’s all about me. Although, in a way, it is. It doesn’t matter so much what I look like or where I come from, but two things about me matter a lot. One is how I got here. … Continue reading


EARTH CONSULATE (VIRTUAL), CONSORTIUM OF HUMAN WORLDS Thwendlulla Tlatnet-Tholfth IX, Consul General Consortium Diplomatic Corps, Lsessar Region, Hlatnethwa Arm, Ethegua THE GREATER HUMAN COMMUNITY GREETS YOU! WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION—HARDHAT REQUIRED! Watch your step . . .         … Continue reading